We have had great success developing a system of self-defence which is easy to learn and especially designed for women of all ages.

Sometimes we forget that its roots lie in a highly effective combat system that has survived the changes of society in which it was developed. Void of fanciful techniques and tactically sound, so that within a short period of time you will develop realistic self-defence skills, its purpose, to educate your personality into using the system to your advantage, fear, feelings of inferiority and lack of confidence are defective elements which detract and diminishes the mental awareness and dulls the sensitivity for action and reaction. By taking into account your individual body shape, capability and movement, we will give you a response to an attack that really works, showing you how to overcome physical attackers without using brute force.

Statistics show that sexual and other physical assaults are most likely to occur:

  • In the home. In or around licenced premises.
  • In the workplace.
  • 60% of adult assault victims knew the offender.
  • The most frequently used tactic of talking was found to be ineffective.
  • Statistics indicate that lack of resistance did not increase a woman's chance of avoiding assault or injury.
  • Usually fleeing or trying to flee was the most effective but least used strategy.
  • Using physical aggression together with verbal resistance proved to be the method best used in the likelihood of avoiding an attack.
  • Women who did nothing to resist were still attacked. These women usually suffer from post event guilt.
  • People, who acted immediately, aggressively and vigorously when circumstances forced it, were most effective in resisting. Initially aggressive victims were found to be twice as successful in warding off rape and other attacks, as those who were not as aggressive.


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