It is the aim of the Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation to promote and enhance the essence and training structure of all traditional Tang Soo Do practitioners worldwide.

We provide our members with an excellent all round safe, secure and stimulating learning environment with high quality facilities.

A team of dedicated professional martial arts instructors will guide and encourage you to develop your own special skills through the ever increasing variety of leadership programmes the federation has to offer.

Our Values:
  • To pursue excellence in leadership, quality and tradition.
  • To promote the knowledge and practice of Tang Soo Do.
  • Clear vision, goals and values.
  • Long term strategic plans.
  • Instructor training programmes.
  • A balance of activities that encourage personal growth, self reliance, perseverance, responsibility and self-esteem.
  • Formal links with Traditional Federations around the world.

Grandmaster Stephen Washington
Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Moo Do Kwan
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