Foundation or Refresher Course

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our tactical system to you as a foundation or refresher course for both men and women experienced or not in the career of security or law enforcement. The techniques that are taught use natural body reflexes and movement, applying routine low risk (non life threatening) techniques that are used during encounters with would be aggressive confrontations. This type of tactical self-defence is not a recreational exercise and should be taken seriously by the person becoming skilled in the applications of this system, It has been designed to enhance an individuals ability to protect themselves from serious bodily harm. This tactical systems course is dedicated to unarmed, demonstration and execution of impact strikes, close quarters combat and restraining techniques. These drills are taught to be executed from various positions and distances and are placed in working setting so that individuals can develop a natural flow of application making the action required almost instinctive during an encounter.

Subjects Covered:

  • (Level 1) Tactical Self-Defence.
  • Understanding Body language and Positioning.
  • How to avoid confrontation.
  • Tactical Communication Skills.
  • Awareness and Assertiveness / Restraint and Removal Training.
  • Personal Safety Training Knife & Small Weapons Self Defence (level 1)
  • Vital Target Areas (Pressure points, know when and where to strike)
  • Physiological Changes that occur under stress
  • Avoidance and Distraction Techniques.
  • Legislation - How the Law affects Self Defence (know where you stand).


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