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As the ever growing need to improve fitness and health in Australia continues to grow, Funk-Key Fitness with its many years of experience in teaching children and adults alike has developed various fitness programmes to suit all ages helping to promote a Healthy, Active Australia.

Fun-key fitness Management programmes are second to none recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to deliver programmes on-site at schools, as either part of a physical education class or as part of the schools Active After-School (AASC) or Out of School Hour's Child Care Programmes (OSHCS).

These classes are tailored to suit your schools needs and we cater for all age groups (from Reception to year 12). These programmes are run with the emphasis on FITNESS, HEALTH and FUN while at the same time promoting Teamwork, Coordination, Skills and Control. The children learn that active physical exercise can be fun by showing them the benefits that being healthy and fit can bring to their everyday lives.

The classes are delivered in a way that can easily be understood by children of all age groups and split into segments ensuring full participation of all the children.

Subjects Covered:

  • Cardio Workout: (A specially designed Non-Contact children's programme incorporating shield and pads an activity similar to those used in martial arts training).
  • Fit-Kids: (A specially designed physical fitness and games programme for children based on team events, ball games, coordination and leadership skills. Helping to improve children's cardio vascular systems and motor skills and tones muscle).
  • Awareness/Self Defence: (Basic principals of self defence and stranger danger for children, teaching them to be more aware of their surroundings, while home alone, walking alone and out playing in an unfamiliar area. Anti bullying, harassment and confrontation avoidance is also covered. While working in inline with most schools anti bullying and Harassment policies).

We are continually updating and adding new programmes to our syllabus.

Other Subjects Available:

  • How to Identify bullying and harassment (Discussion and Role Play on what it is and how to deal with it)
  • Children's Awareness programme.
  • Communication Skills (how to talk your way out of trouble).
  • Using your voice as a weapon.
  • How not to be a Victim
  • Avoidance and Distraction Techniques
  • How to avoid confrontation.
  • Body language and Body positioning.
  • Escape or Defend (knowing when to strike and how)
  • Prevention advice for home, car, travel and street.
  • Body Language and Physiological Changes that occur under stress. (Fear Management)

Our Schools programmes are an excellent alternative to the traditional martial arts training environment, where you can learn skills and strategies relevant to everyday situations. Our instructor's professionalism and expertise has been highly praised by all of the schools and their student that have participated in our courses.

Or as part of our In-School AASC Programmes, which are designed to run to coincide with the school term of usually 8 to 10 weeks and our schools out of hour's childcare programme (OSHCH) sessions. Fees are reduced and scheduled per hour per deliverer, which would usually depend on number of children involved and the activity chosen (to adhere to school and government safety standards) all sports and activities are designed to run all year round, including during school and public holidays when they are most needed (if allowed access) and can be designed specifically to suit the schools needs be it indoor or outdoor pursuits.

If you would like any more information with regards to any of our programmes contact our Programme Coordinator to arrange a FREE consultation:

Mobile: 0422 710 611

These programmes can be delivered onsite on your premises or at our fully equipped training centre at:

80 Victor Harbor Road, Old Noarlunga 5168 S.A.

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