"Instructor" is the title of the most distinguished position held in all martial arts.

An instructor is one who devotes his or her timeless effort in passing on the knowledge, skills, and moral values necessary for our future generations to prosper, guiding their students through the development of specific physical and mental skills needed to keep the tradition of the art, for without good teachers; there can be no future for the art.

The Certified Instructor Training (CIT) program can be very challenging. These challenges will provide real meaning for you, now that you will begin to study teaching and studio management methods, designed to develop a new skill, the skills of becoming a professional martial arts instructor. You will also be introduced to high-end peak performance and personal development training programmes.

The Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation maintains high standards, which are necessary to improve the strength and unity of our organization. During your training you may not understand many of the reasons behind the methods you use. If you have questions, first consult with your own instructor. Ultimately, please know that I take your training personally and I am available and willing to your answer questions if it will help you succeed.

A Key to Ensure Professional Training and Certification.

Some martial arts organizations focus on more students, others more Black Belts, The Asia Pacific Tang Soo Do Federation’s main aim is building leaders in the dojang and more importantly in life. We do this through our certified instructors and professional studio owners, while guiding our students through the development of specific physical and mental skills focusing on, the complete understanding of the martial arts syllabus of self-defence, history, theory and application.

Certified Instructor Training Objectives

What follows are some of the major objectives of the Certified Instructor Training Program:

  • Producing Professional Instructors.
  • Principles in Leadership Training.
  • Management Leadership.
  • Effective Communication skills.
  • Student Motivations and Goal Setting.
  • Advanced Teaching and Protocol Skills.
  • Effective Facility and Class Management.
  • Personal Development.
  • Risk Management
  • Health and Safety

By the end of your program, candidates will be able to:

Demonstrate a high level of proficiency by:

  • Conducting a complete class using correct terminology
  • Understanding proper protocol as discussed in the Federation Student Handbook
  • Handling all the affairs of a successful martial arts studio
  • Preparing for a formal instructor’s exam to include a written, oral, and physical exam

The ability to recruit new students by demonstrating the ability to share your love and passion of the art with others.

Special Note: To receive a Certified Instructors License, all candidates must be certified in CPR as well as senior first aid.

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