Recognising the changes in anti social behaviour, at home, on the street, and becoming even more evident in the workplace, the ever-growing need for people to have the right to learn to defend themselves against possible verbal or physical abuse is to enroll in one of our many programmes.

Based on the combination of (Hapkido) (Street Defence) and (Unarmed Combat) as its core, we have developed a system that is reality based, practical and easy to learn, which can be applied to armed or unarmed attacks efficiently and lawfully.

Based on simple natural instinctive movements, this program is designed to teach realistic self defence, in the shortest possible time, training you to defend yourself against Punches, Grabs, Chokes and Kicks, instruction also includes ground situations and being attacked with weapons from the one or more aggressor. All scenarios are shown realistically in a controlled environment so that you fully understand the response of defence/ attack needed to cope with an attacker.

Great importance is also put into spotting the danger signs and knowing how to cope with handling the stress and shock that is associated with a sudden violent verbal or physical attack. Knowing when and how to react may save your life or a life of a loved one or friend as statistics show. The number of adults physically or sexually assaulted in Australia each year is almost 100,000.

Subjects Covered:

  • Body Language and Physiological Changes that occur under stress.
  • Communication Skills. (talking your way out of a situation)
  • Personal Safety.
  • Confrontation Avoidance.
  • How to respond effectively to harassment.
  • Self Defence. (avoidance and distraction techniques)
  • Target Areas (where and how to strike)
  • Small Weapons Self Defence.
  • The Law and Self Defence (where do you stand).


The various training methods we use are provided by experienced qualified instructors to ensure you achieve the results you need in reality based training, our method of training is amongst the best in the world and have been proven to be a great success locally, interstate and overseas. These courses include; practical demonstrations, hands on application training, responsive action and group discussions.

If you would like any more information with regards to any of our programmes contact our Programme Coordinator to arrange a FREE consultation:

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These programmes can be delivered onsite on your premises or at our fully equipped training centre at:
80 Victor Harbor Road, Old Noarlunga 5168 S.A.

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